Welcome to my virtual home. I just moved in here so you are one of the first guests!

Before I opened this space I spent a great deal of time thinking about it. What is it going to be? An open diary? Writing practice? A newsletter?

It’s hard to define something that is still in the making. Chances are that it’ll turn out to be very different from whatever one imagined it would be. As a friend once said (thanks Satoshi) I am always evolving, and so will this place be. I am hoping to create a communal corner, invite guest editors, maybe even work on a writing project together, open a forum for I-just-dunno-what, but also simply keep record of my activities, try to articulate and share my thoughts… Ah the possibilities!

For those of you who don’t know me, and those who know me only from a certain angle, an introduction:

I play the violin.

I play the piano badly, and I never sing.

I cook. I love cooking for other people, and being cooked for.

I travel for work and for leisure.

I read all kinds of books. I also read music scores. And the Guardian.

I go to theatre. And museums. And movies. And concerts. And operas.

I have been in London for 8 years. I am from Seoul. And Berlin is something like a second ‘Heimat’. After moving overseas a few times I came to think wherever I live is home to me, but Seoul, Berlin and London will always be special. Mostly because of the people I met there.

I speak Korean, German and English. I’m learning French, on and off for years…

I dream of having a cat.

What else? Oh I am a (bad) seamstress, that’s the latest achievement. And I just started blogging.

Thanks for dropping by and please come again. You’ll see this place gradually take shape. The one thing I’m told by my friends again and again is that they never get bored with me, so this place won’t be boring either!


P.S. I took the photo when I bought my first (and only!) digital camera. I was travelling with my string quartet, it must have been 2007 or 08. I bought the camera at Incheon airport, and it was one of the first shots I took, on the first day in Italy. We were in a small hotel outside Torino, and the early morning air was magical.