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Giving back

Despite my initial plan to write here regularly, life has been insanely busy and the priorities would not let me sit down and write something 'just for pleasure'. Since I last wrote, I went to 11 concerts in 3 countries and gave one concert myself (yes that's the ratio at the moment!), met up with over 30 people (old friends and new ones), put some bowings on new parts, had sleepless nights over my future (What am I going to do? What if...?), read David Daniels' 'orchestral music' back to back and yes, voted. Everyone has been talking about the......

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The Vegetarian

The last couple of nights I've been busy...reading. I haven't read a lot of Korean literature, but there are a few writers I kind of followed over the years. Living abroad means I live without newly published Korean books for years at a time. When I'm in Korea I go often to a big bookstore and spend hours browsing, and every time I end up taking a pile of books home. I've been aware of 한강 (Han Kang) for a long time. My sister had a book of hers from 1995 which I read, and at some point she also......

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베토벤과 봄과 바장조

연주가 곧 있어서 연습 중입니다. 친구하고 베토벤 소나타 열 곡을 해보자고 시작한 것이 일년 넘었는데 이제 끝이 보이는군요. 열 곡이다 보니 연주 세번 중에 한번은 네 곡을 할 수밖에 없는데, 두 번 연주를 하고 보니 1,2,5,10 번 이렇게 남았습니다. 돌이켜보면 5번은 봄에 해야지 하는 생각에 이렇게 됐네요. 봄이라고 이름을 붙인 사람은 물론 베토벤이 아니고 악보를 팔기 위한 출판사의 마케팅 전략? 에 가깝겠는데, 성공한 셈입니다. 곡이 유명해져서 이름이 붙은 것인지, 이름이 붙어서 유명(이 단어는 아마 이름이 있다는 뜻이죠?) 해진 것인지는… 둘 다겠죠. 어쨌든 이 곡의 첫 멜로디는, 봄 같습니다. 같이 연주하는 친구의 따님은 일곱 살인데, 엄마가 이 곡을 연습하는 걸 들으면......

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Who is it that can tell me who I am?

Hello. Welcome to my virtual home. I just moved in here so you are one of the first guests! Before I opened this space I spent a great deal of time thinking about it. What is it going to be? An open diary? Writing practice? A newsletter? It's hard to define something that is still in the making. Chances are that it'll turn out to be very different from whatever one imagined it would be. As a friend once said (thanks Satoshi) I am always evolving, and so will this place be. I am hoping to create a communal corner,......

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